Option C

I walk beside that holy building, on ground too pure for the likes of me wondering if my footsteps leave behind smoke and smell of sulfur. I stop for a moment to consider what brought me here. I was born in one of it’s sisters – white and clean, with a steeple reaching up forever, […]


Religion. Such a conflict it inspires within me. I’ve been down that road and found it wanting … but I feel like it’s got snares wrapped around my feet and it’ll never let me go .. like it’s trying to drag me back into the darkness of what my life was before now. What scares […]

If my unhappiness makes you happy …

Do you want to know what sucks about this? I want you to be happy. If your happiness is predicated on me being unhappy – then I’ll endure it. But I know that you want me to be happy, but you just aren’t happy with what it would take to make me happy. I can’t […]

Sex and the Good Christian Girl

“Do you ever touch yourself?” The text read, floating ominously on the screen before me. Oh crap Hell. I could guess right away that it was referring to masturbation. A practice I had been taught to avoid my whole life. “It’s selfishness.” Taught Every Young Woman’s Battle. It’s a sin and a violation of God’s standard […]


Sixth grade. The playground has finally been opened after three years of a complete redesign. The wind sweeps across the playground like a curtain, pelting all the kids eyes with dust – slowly moving from the far side to the near side. As it hits each group of kids, I remembered them. Those kids who […]

Don’t Talk About Sex

Sex is shameful. I remember one day I was on a trip – it was summertime and the youth group was out on the water. Per Christian regulations, the girls were wearing modest one-pieces with t-shirts over them, whereas the boys were shirtless and wearing swimming trunks. I was just starting to wonder about these […]

Broken Trust

Such a wonderful misery, this is. I have to live down my sister’s history. My guy has to live down her ex-husband’s reputation. “We know you are not your sister, but you’ve changed – just like your sister did.” “We know you are not your sister, but your relationship is moving really fast, just like […]